Eclectism, elegance and simplycity of form, with sturdy material, are the characteristics of Vaar Design Collection.

Our design concept, inspired by the shapes of the Modern movement in Europe in the Twenties and Thirties, is in fact based on the use of special materials (316L steel, teak and other luxury woods with different types of finishes, leather and special fabrics) combined in a play of form, contrasts and coulors.

The modern movement is reiterpreted by VAAR furniture, aiming for "luxury items" which at the same time serve functional life of board.

The spirit has been to create furnishings that fit into the specific lay-out of the boat, giving a unique synthesis to the project, and resulting in a custom creation, trough collaboration with architects and designers.

VAAR was born from encounter between Fulvia Tissi, noted specialist in furnishings and design, and Carl Vaar, who spent his life at sea as captain of luxury yachts.

A purity of form results from fusion of aesthetic standards with pratical functionality.